Ceramic Paint with Silver Ions

– Ceramic,

– Stain resistant,

– Contains silver ions,

– Scrubbable,

– Super opaque,

– Washable, easy stain removal.

Ceramic Coat is a collection of 16 ready-mixed paints. The product Ceramic Coat is made using the state-of-the-art technology with ceramic fillers that give the coating an extremely high mechanical resistance. It contains silver ions that make the paint antibacterial. The increased performance of the paint makes it suitable for a variety of application areas, for walls and ceilings in all types of rooms. The paint provides matt finish that smooths out minor imperfections.

What are ceramic fillers? The product Ceramic Coat contains glass beads (microspheres) that are characteristic for ceramic paints. They are made of glass, hollow inside and to the naked eye the spheres appear like fine off-white powder. When compared to other fillers the glass beads are smaller and are made of soda-lime-borosilicate glass to provide very high strength. Thanks to the use of ceramic fillers, the Ceramic Coat paint produces a tough coating that is more mechanically resistant.

Calculatortechnical cardWhere to buy


do 40 m2

Container type


Drying time


Method of application

Brush, Roller, Sprayer

Gloss level


Second coat application

po 4h

Number of coats



Ecologial, Interior