Instinct, strength and emotions

These three words to describe a Bengal tiger, fit perfectly with the Styline brand. That is why we made this king of the big cats the face of our brand.

Their striped coat helps them camouflage to their surroundings, always elegant, distinctive, blending in well with the surroundings. Black stripes are majestic and add to tiger’s character.

The tiger is the symbol of the Styline brand because it represents dynamism, pugnacity, determination, boundless vitality on the one hand, and lofty elegance and a sense of taste adapted to the most refined tastes, on the other.



Like the Styline paints the tiger comes from nature and feels at home in nature. Amidst nature it is the master of the situation, in control of the surroundings, allowing nothing to escape its attention. It is vigilant, because vigilance in nature is part of survival strategy and survival is a prerequisite for longevity.


Other advantage of the Styline paints – quality, it is also reflected in the symbol of the tiger. Top quality ingredients compose both our paints and this “perfect product of nature” – Panthera tigris tigris.



Our products are made from the best ingredients, and are therefore ecological, harmless and emanate positive, natural energy that will make you feel good, surrounded by the soothing beauty of colours and shades.

But don’t let the apparent bliss and serenity mislead you – don’t forget what our patron is! The energy of the tiger gives Styline the power to be the king of the metropolitan jungle and all human habitats!


No doubt, the Bengal tiger knows how to hunt. It is in its DNA. The skills and virtuosity developed and gradually refined over centuries of experimentation. Every, even the smallest element is important, because it ensures survival, maintenance of the species being a model of unbeatable perfection.

We know it well in Styline. Our knowledge and experience, supported by cutting-edge technology solutions, give us that strength and confidence that we have always valued.


The power of a symbol

In the DNA of our brand there are references to all the best qualities of the majestic cat. The symbolism of the tiger’s image coincides with the quality we desire. And just as symbols can be used to define your space, our products can be used to design and create it by giving it the colours of your choice.

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