The Styline brand is constantly inspired by the world around us. Our mission is to provide premium quality paints that are ecological, water based and non-allergenic. You can be sure that they are the best you can get. Styline is an innovative brand that will bring natural beauty to your home! Our brand is identified by our regal white tiger, who acts as the guardian of quality.

Styline ensures quality in a number of ways. From inception, the production of our paint is on a special ultra-clean line, in modern laboratories under the supervision of our expert technologists. First, we carefully select the best quality components from all around the world. The highest quality mineral fillers with high whiteness and purity and the highest quality binders are included, with every stage of production being checked thoroughly by our quality control department.

The Styline paints are targeted to health-and environmentally-conscious customers, who expect premium quality paints, offered in a wide range of colours and at a reasonable price.

The stringent processes and procedures that take place during manufacturing, ensures Styline paints are suitable for allergy sufferers. The carefully selected components do not cause sensitisation nor irritation. All of our paints have a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

At Styline, colour is our specialty. We even have our own colouring department on our factory site, which is able to develop almost any colour to order. It is here that we check every batch for quality, by using the highest-grade spectrophotometers.