Instinct, strength, emotions

These three terms that characterize the Bengal tiger are a perfect match for the Styline brand. That is why we decided to make this king of cats the hero of our brand.

Its coloration adapts to the conditions in which it stays, always elegant, expressive, blended in with the surroundings. Black stripes is a majestic addition that emphasizes its character.

It is a symbol of the Styline brand because just like it, it generates dynamics, go-ahead, decisiveness, unbridled vitality on the one hand, and haughty elegance and a sense of taste adapted to the most sophisticated tastes, on the other.



Just like paints, Styline comes from nature and feels most confident in nature. It is among her that he is the master of the situation, he controls the surroundings, not letting anything escape his attention. He is vigilant, because vigilance in nature means survival, and survival is the basic condition for longevity.


Another advantage of Styline paints – quality, is also reflected in its symbol. Many of the highest-quality factors contribute to both our paints and the “perfect product of nature” – Panthera tigris tigris.



Our products are made of the best components, therefore they are ecological, harmless, and they radiate positive, natural energy, thanks to which you will feel good, surrounded by the relaxing beauty of colors and shades.

However, do not be deceived by the apparent bliss and peace, and do not forget who our patron is! Thanks to the energy of the tiger, Styline is sure who is the king of the big city jungle and all human habitats!


Bengal tiger hunting knows how to do it. It has clues programmed through centuries of experiment in its DNA. The tiniest element is invaluable because it ensures survival, causes the species to survive, which is an invincible example of perfection.

At Styline, we know this well. Our knowledge and experience, supported by the latest technological solutions, give us this certainty, which has been our value for many years.


The strength of a symbol

In the DNA of our brand, we find references to all the best features of the majestic cat. The symbolism of his image coincides with the quality desired by us. And just as symbols can be used to describe the space around us, so using our products, you can create it, giving it the right colors.